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Sound Advice for Churches

Onsite Service

We provide full onsite service and maintenance nationwide. If you are having problems with your system and would like an expert to visit and service the system then we are happy to help. Do you have a system that you are not sure how it all works and would like a little training? Call us on 01457 899100.

Sound systems

Church sound systems can take make different forms dependant upon the needs of the individual church, the building in which it is to be installed and its integration into other systems such as video projection, video relay, induction loop, etc.

Church sound systems can be known by many different names - Sound system; PA system; Tannoy system; Sound reinforcement system; Music system; Public address system; Speaker system and many more besides!! 

Expression Media are a specialist installer of sound systems in churches, in all their various forms. 

We employ specialist installation methods to carry out Work in grade 1 and 2 listed buildings which gives a discrete professional result but is non-damaging to the fabric of the building - something which is a primary concern of architects and Diocesan Advisory Committees.

Modern or new buildings offer opportunities to integrate cabling and equipment into the fabric of the building making the system as discrete and secure as possible.

We specialise in the following products and systems:


  • Speech Systems
    These systems primary function is to relay the spoken word throughout a space, enabling everybody to hear the sound in a clear natural way. In these types of systems working with the natural acoustics of the building is crucial as the intelligibility of the sound will be highly influenced by this. These systems will often have very simple controls to enable the system to be operated without a person needing to work a complicated mixing desk or other equipment.

  • Speech and Light Music Systems
    Often the speech system is what is required for the majority of the time, however on occasion it is necessary to play recorded music from CD, IPOD or Digital Hymnal system. These systems need to have speakers that can handle the frequencies required in the music reproduction, whilst still delivering the clear spoken word. Again controls are often kept very simple.

  • Speech and Music systems
    It is becoming increasing popular to utilise the sound system not only for the spoken word, but also for a small worship team playing live during the service. The system now has to accommodate a limited range of instruments, the spoken word and pre-recorded music up to a moderate level. A small mixing desk may now be utilised in order to fully control the sound across the range of functions.

  • Full Music Systems
    Many churches are now incorporating a full worship band into their services and this can include a wide range of instruments - Bass and electric guitar, keyboards, electronic drums and many more modern and traditional instruments. Additional features such as foldback speakers or in ear monitoring systems for the music group may be required. the system will need to have the capability to run at higher levels than the systems previously mentioned. A mixing desk with 16, 24, 32 or even 48 channels may be required.
    Even though the system has many more features and may include much more equipment, the fundamental principles still remain; The system must be easy to operate and give a clear, natural sound





No matter what type of system is required: from a speech system in a grade 1 village chapel to a full music system in a modern charismatic city church, we are happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with any information or assistance we can.


 We provide the following services:

  • Free on-site consultation & survey

  • Free design & architect liason

  • Installation and commissioning

  • Service & maintenance

  • Telephone / email advice & support

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any assistance with a project, would like advice or help on a new or existing system, or would like to further discuss our systems, products and services.

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