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Sound Advice for Churches



Church AV Furniture

We are now proud to offer a new range of church AV furniture. From AV cabinets to lecterns to mixing desk consoles. Choose from the standard range or have a custom unit designed. Download the furniture brochure here.


Listed below are some of the services that we provide to churches nationwide.

Advice and support

With so many way of communicating now available getting the right information has never been easier. We can be contacted by telephone, email, letter, online form and are always ready to provide assistance and information.

In addition to this our online advice and support centre has lots of information to assist you in understanding, planning and maintaining your audio visual equipment.

Advice and support are offered free of charge to any church, whether they have purchased equipment from us or not!

Design and planning

Careful planning of your new system is vital to ensure you get the system that will meet both your current and future needs. We understand that the church has real responsibility to spend its money wisely and can assist in ensuring that as well as obtaining a quality system, you also acheive value for money.

Our team often work with church architects and fully understand some of the complex design issues that must be considered, including working with difficult acoustic spaces and ensuring that the aesthetics of the building are not compromised by the AV system.


Supply, installation and commissioning

We offer a complete service from supply through to final commissioning. Such is our expertise that we even provide engineering and installation staff to other well-established installation companies.



Full training is always given on any installed system. What use is having even the best system in the world if nobody is able to use it? Normally this would be carried out on conclusion of the installation, but by arrangement a different time could be chosen to ensure that any person who needs training on the system is able to receive it.


Service and maintenance

We provide service and maintenance to all our systems, and a great deal of other audio-visual equipment. As well as servicing our own equipment we also provide an on-site maintenance and servicing facility for churches to call on, even when we have not supplied the original system.


Mail Order sales

As well as our installation service, many products are available to purchase mail order via our online store. Click here to visit our online store -